TRACK 1 – America ( The Saints Come Marching Home) Released 11/1/20

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With the single “America (The Saints Come Marching Home)” released on 11/1/20, the first piece of ” Brick By Brick”, is in place. On the first of each proceeding month a new track will be released with an accompanying video. Instead of publishing an entire album of music at one time, “Brick By Brick” will be constructed from singles released on digital platforms only, there will be no physical distribution. As Vento says, ” I typically create a concept and thematic approach to albums, but with this one I’m just going to let the writing process and the music created from it, take me where ever it wants. I look forward to an interesting and fulfilling journey over this next year.”

According to co-writer/artist Frank Ferraro, “The song was written to call out the injustices being committed by the people against its own people, by both the general population and those seated in power. It conjures up the ghosts of our past and holds them in parallel to the hurtful acts being committed today. ‘America’ is not a battle cry for more acts of destruction. It is a simple call for universal peace.”

Vento adds, ” Extremists from both political spectrums are committing horrible acts of violence. Even though these groups represent a very small fraction of our citizenry, they seem to get all of the TV and social media coverage. When, in truth, most of us are peaceful and despise such violence.


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