TRACK 3 -“No One Wears A Watch Anymore” – Released 1/1/21

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Once again Vento collaborated with his good friend and artist Frank Ferraro. Vento came across Frank’s lyrics quite accidently through an email exchange of some rough sketches that Frank was working on . The lyrics jumped off the page and Vento immediately asked for and received permission to use Frank’s words for a potential new song. As Ferraro said “ I wrote these lyrics using metaphors, to reflect the chaos happening all around us in the world and ask the question , are we truly aware of the not so simple times we are living in and its consequences”. Vento says, “ I wanted to record a more upbeat groove type of song for my new project ( Brick by Brick), and the line (No One Wears A Watch Anymore) was just the perfect hook for such a composition. Once I brought my ideas to guitarists David Granati and Bob Zigerelli, things came together quickly. “


TRACK 2 – Highwire –  Released 12/1/20

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Without a doubt “Highwire” is the most personal and meaningful song that I
have ever recorded. Over the past few years multiple people have come into
my life that deal with debilitating diseases such as MS, Parkinson’s, and
Muscular Dystrophy. Tasks that seem so mundane to many of us are a daily
struggle for these folks, like trying to keep your balance on a highwire.
Yet somehow they maintain their courage to forge ahead and become an
inspiration to so many. This song tries to capture the perspective of
someone like me, that has a close up view, yet has no idea what it is like
to be in their shoes. The line, ” We both hurt but you own the pain”, says
it all. I collaborated with lyricist Bert Lauble and
multi-instrumentalist/producer David Granati to help me bring this song to
life. We purposely created an arrangement that projects anguish, with
frantic changes to reflect the emotional roller coaster of people with
serious challenges. I am hopeful that we captured the authenticity of the
message with both the recording and the video (Created and produced by Jim


TRACK 1 – America ( The Saints Come Marching Home) – Released 11/1/20

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According to co-writer/artist Frank Ferraro, “The song was written to call out the injustices being committed by the people against its own people, by both the general population and those seated in power. It conjures up the ghosts of our past and holds them in parallel to the hurtful acts being committed today. ‘America’ is not a battle cry for more acts of destruction. It is a simple call for universal peace.”

Vento adds, ” Extremists from both political spectrums are committing horrible acts of violence. Even though these groups represent a very small fraction of our citizenry, they seem to get all of the TV and social media coverage. When, in truth, most of us are peaceful and despise such violence.


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